Waverly School District Hosts Giving Drive

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Every student in school deserves to learn without distractions. The Waverly School District makes this possible with the Viking Support Station. He has helped over 100 families in the district.

Four years ago, the Waverly School District started a community closet with clothes and shoes for its students. Today it has become the Viking Support Station, serving not only students, but also their families.

Suitcases full of clothes and bags of hygiene products filled trunks outside Waverly VFW on Saturday. Members of the Waverly School District collected donations for their Viking Support Station.

“It’s just great that these kids can go to school without having to worry about where their next meal is coming from,” said Christi Etheridge, parent, Waverly School District. “Let them have shoes, socks, let them be warm.”

It all started with a community closet with just clothes in 2017. They got so many donations beyond clothes and needed some extra space. The district opened the Viking Support Station last year. Eagle United Methodist Church stepped in and offered their space for the location.

“They can come in and get bedding and towels, clothes, kitchen items,” said Becky Schroeder, special education teacher, Waverly School District. “Just everything they would need at home to support families”

The district organizes donation drives once a month. Since the support station opened, they have helped over 100 families.

“I had a kid who needed new shoes and so I said hey, could you tell me what size and I’ll make that request,” Schroeder said. “And they were so grateful and of course we didn’t just get a pair of shoes. We got about five and so the kid was so excited.

The community comes together, meeting the needs of every student in the district so they can focus solely on learning.

“It’s one less stress in their lives and kids should be able to be kids,” Etheridge said.

The food donations collected are split, half going to the Waverly Food Bank and the rest going to Eagle.

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