The Minister of Education presents a 10-year development plan. What does he understand?



Georgian Minister of Education Mikheil Chkhenkeli presented a 10-year strategy for the development of education and science which covers five main areas, including preschool education, general education, higher education, vocational education and science.

Preschool education

Education Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli noted that multilingual education is being introduced into the education system, which will help create an educational environment suited to the needs of preschool ethnic minorities.

Salaries of preschool teachers will gradually increase in the near future in Georgia

General Education

The ministry is working on developing a new school management model and strengthening resource centers. A new school management model is being developed which plans to strengthen general education establishments and give them more autonomy.

Salaries of school administration employees will gradually increase across the country

The ministry is actively working on the introduction of bilingual education in schools, which will help strengthen the integration of national minorities in schools and develop bilingual human capital in the country.

  • Additional digital textbooks and educational resources will be added to schools in the near future
  • The ‘internetization’ process will be completed in all public schools by the end of 2026
  • All public schools will have modern sports infrastructure by the end of 2026
  • There will be school nursing offices in all public schools by the end of 2022

Vocational education

Speaking of vocational education, Chkhenkeli noted that there will be exchange and joint programs with foreign vocational schools. The ministry is also planning to launch the Erasmus program in vocational education.

  • Exchange programs will be offered to teachers and students
  • Citizens of any education (general, higher education) will have access to vocational education in all municipalities by 2032
  • Up to 100,000 young people and adults will be able to receive vocational training each year
  • Funding for vocational education will reach GEL 730 million by 2030

Higher Education

The Georgian Ministry of Education and the World Bank are developing a new model for financing higher education, which includes core funding for state universities.

Education Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli said that with the new model, universities will be able to modernize teaching programs and training laboratories, fund scientific research and fine-tune the pay system for teachers .

The higher education budget will reach GEL 270 million by 2030.


Our [the Ministry of Education and Science] The main objective is to promote the best quality-oriented scientific research, for which the grant volume of the National Science Foundation Shota Rustaveli has increased and will increase in the future, ”said Mikheil Chkhenkeli.

Chkhenkeli noted that the total budget allocated to Georgian scientists will be GEL 243 million by 2030.


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