The Cheney High School grad maintained his top grades despite a busy schedule of sports, clubs and student government

After a high school career filled with sports, clubs, student government while earning top grades, Jenae Potter ponders a future as a middle or high school teacher.

Potter and her family moved to Cheney from Pennsylvania when she was in fifth grade after her father took a job at Eastern Washington University.

“I think what makes Cheney a great place to live is the community aspect and the people here,” she said.

She spent her high school years being involved in her school and in the community. She was on the swimming team and played tennis for all four years, although she missed most of the swimming season last year after tearing her anterior cruciate ligament. She said she has been playing tennis since taking lessons shortly after arriving at Cheney.

“I just wanted a sports season with little stress and lots of fun,” she said. “That’s what it’s been like for me for the past four years.”

She is the student body president this year and was previously a class officer.

“I’ve always loved being involved in school,” Potter said.

Potter was a member of the National Honor Society and is currently its secretary. She is also president of High School Health Helpers, a club that focuses on drug and alcohol prevention and education. The group recently did a public service advertisement against smoking marijuana and driving that aired on television over Memorial Day weekend.

She is a member of the Key Club, which focuses on community service. The club recently picked up litter on Earth Day, and Potter said she also volunteers at SpokAnimal. It was community service that attracted Potter to the club. “I get involved in the school, but it also involves us in the community,” she says.

School counselor Tyler Neely said Potter was involved in all of her activities while simultaneously taking challenging classes and earning a 4.0 grade point average.

“More than anything, Jenae exemplified what a great character looks like,” he said. “She is tough, brave and perseveres when challenged. Cheney High School is a better place to have Jenae Potter as a student, serving her peers through kindness, sacrifice, and selflessness.

Potter plans to attend Western Washington University.

“I want to branch out a bit,” she said. “Everyone I’ve known who’s been to Western or lives in Bellingham loved it.”

The school is also affordable and offers the high school diploma she envisions, though Potter said she’s keeping her options open.

Said Neely: “She will continue to do great things in the future.”

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