Teenager successfully graduated from high school with the help of his colleagues at Waffle House and now they have helped him move into his college dorm


A young Waffle House employee who was about to miss his high school diploma received a helping hand from his manager and other Waffle House staff. Now this new graduate is settling into his first semester at college.

Timothy Harrison’s Waffle House manager Cedric Hampton posted an update in late September on the Center Point, Ala., Teenager, which he called “a good young man … a hard worker, very polished”.

Harrison is now enrolled full time at an area community college and Hampton has helped him move into that dormitory.

“He enjoys every aspect of college life and does very well in his classes,” Hampton wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago, giving his followers an update on Harrison’s status. Harrison had wanted to continue working at Waffle House while he was enrolled in school, but his principal said he would have to focus on his studies to begin with.

In his original article on Harrison going to his graduation, Hampton wrote that the teenager did not have a cap and dress or a way to get to his high school ceremony. Waffle House staff bought him some clothes, figured out how to get his cap and dress, and got him to the ceremony venue just in time.

The story eventually made national news and caught the attention of administrators at Lawson State Community College.

One of the college staff, Head of Distance Education Department Kesha James, Head of Distance Education Department, said when she hears about stories like Harrison’s, she listens to ” after that “.

“I haven’t heard of any plans for college,” said James. So Lawson State Community College not only helped him enroll for the upcoming semester, but also provided him with a scholarship.

Now James is keeping an eye on Harrison.

“Dr. James is responsible for securing his scholarship for Tim and has now become like a second mother to him and making sure he stays so that he successfully graduates in the years to come,” Hampton wrote in his Facebook update.

Other Waffle House employees have made headlines for their work ethic. A waitress who had her baby with her while doing a double shift at a Waffle House in North Carolina received a generous tip from a country music star in August 2021. In 2018, a waitress from Texas Waffle House, who stopped in the middle of her busy post to help an elderly man chop up his food, was awarded a college scholarship.

Good luck to Harrison for his first semester in college!

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