Tecumseh manager Dennis Niles on leave over allegation

On Friday, Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley was briefed on an allegation against THS Principal Dennis Niles.

TECUMSEH, Mich. — A school district in southeast Michigan is investigating an allegation against a high school principal who was furloughed Friday.

Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley learned of an allegation against Tecumseh High School Principal Dennis Niles on Friday, May 27, and took action in accordance with TPS policy, according to a statement from district press.

Niles is on paid non-disciplinary leave pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

The allegation was forwarded to the Tecumseh Police Department for review, which determined that it was not criminal activity and that she would not be implicated at this stage.

Niles was appointed director of THS in November 2020. He previously served as deputy director from 2002 to 2012 and is said to have left on good terms.

Hilderley will serve as interim director for THS as the district continues its investigation.

The exact nature of the allegation has not been disclosed and the district will not provide further comment due to the ongoing investigation.

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