Teacher jokes about lube with students, district says firing too ‘extreme’

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A Washington state teacher received a ‘letter of reprimand’ after making sexually suggestive jokes with students during class, but the administration refused to fire the educator, saying such punishment would be too much “extreme”.

Anacortes School District teacher Casey Anderson posted on social media about an exchange she had with students about the new “cat butt” tissue dispenser in her classroom. Anderson described the use of petroleum jelly to load the handkerchiefs into the dispenser.

“The Anacortes School District has conducted an investigation involving the high school teacher’s conversation in class and the subsequent social media posting about the conversation,” Anacortes School District Superintendent Justin Irish said. , to Fox News. “The message and conversation were inappropriate and not condoned by the district. The teacher admitted the conduct and cooperated with the investigation.”


Anderson described the Facebook interaction as a “recent entry” in “Things Ms. Anderson Will Hear About From HR.”

“So in my room (picture attached) I have a cat tissue dispenser. Currently the dispenser is out of tissues. A student noticed this and asked, ‘How do you refill it? ?’ I pause for a moment and then say to my class, ‘I’m turning off the lights, putting on some soft music and using a LOT of vasoline,'” Anderson wrote on Facebook.

A container of Vaseline brand petroleum jelly.
(Gado/Getty Images)

Anderson then recounted asking the students to retrieve a jar of Vaseline, commonly used as a sexual lubricant, from the classroom closet.

“I can get them back [sic] a large container of Vaseline that I had in my closet (for…reasons…) and I placed it right next to the cat,” Anderson continued. “The class took a turn after that.”


“The teacher has received a formal letter of reprimand. On the continuum of possible repercussions of progressive discipline, this is an escalating response,” Irish told Fox News.

“While this conduct is concerning, it does not warrant such an extreme outcome as termination. The District made its decision in consultation with legal counsel, the teachers’ union, and applicable state laws. The District expects to all employees that they adhere to professional standards and will continue to work with all staff to ensure that these standards are met.”

The social media posts went viral after being posted on the widely followed Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account, which has more than 500,000 followers.

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