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COIMBATORE: While the majority of public schools still operate without basic facilities across the state, the school education department has decided to strengthen school management committees (SMCs). As part of it, 200 coordinators across the state were selected to carry out SMC activities.

One of the Coimbatore coordinators, T Arulanandham, who recently attended a state-level meeting in Trichy, said The new Indian express, “School education department officials aim to develop schools through SMCs. The committees link all the stakeholders in the school. officials. “

He said the department will hold elections for the posts of chairman, vice chairman and members of the SMC. Principal of Gerigepalli Panchayat Union (PUPS) C Veeramani Primary School in Krishnagiri said The new Indian express, “In 2007, I worked at Kanjanoor PUPS where only ten pupils regularly attended school out of a total of 28. There were many challenges such as dropouts, child marriage, child labor. , students without parents, etc. in the village. take them back to school, I used the SMC. “

He added that he sensitized parents and village heads to SMC activities by visiting households. Later, they showed interest and participated in the SMC meetings and the strength of the school gradually increased, Veeramani added.

He proudly said, “Thanks to the activities of SMC, nearly 150 students are now studying and receiving quality education. In addition, the school has moved from an elementary school to a middle school. Students have access to appropriate classrooms, toilets, library, computer lab. , and student clubs. “

Kanjanoor PUPS also won Unicef’s first prize for school hygiene as well as an ISO certificate. Palli Kalvi Pathukappu Iyakkam, the district coordinator, C Chandrasekar, welcomed this decision and recalled that according to the law on the right to education, the SMC should operate in all schools. He urged HMs to actively manage them and develop good relationships with stakeholders in order to provide quality education to students.

SMC activities

  • Increase student strength and ensure student education

  • Ensure a teacher-student ratio based on student strength

  • Solve student learning disability

  • Prepare the school development plan and implement it

  • Involve parents, the public and local school leaders with school activities

  • Raise awareness about student education and children’s rights

  • Explain the disadvantages of child labor

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