Sweetwater Union High School District’s Second Family Seeks Legal Action Against District – NBC 7 San Diego

Safety is once again the topic of conversation among parents in the Sweetwater Union School District.

“I send my kids to school, hoping it’s a safe place, a place where they can learn and just focus,” said Aysha Ali, a parent from Castle Park High School.

Yet two Sweetwater families say that is no longer the case.

According to civil attorney Hugo Salazar, a high school student from the Southwest injured himself at school.

“The Southwest student fractured his elbow during PE class while participating in a soccer activity in the fields,” Salazar said.

The student tripped over a hole in the football pitch, he added. The student’s mother didn’t want to go on camera, but shared with NBC 7 that her son had to undergo several weeks of therapy to recover from the incident.

“The mother actively reached out to the school, to the district, and was consistently ignored,” Salazar said.

Last week, NBC 7 heard from another Sweetwater mother who alleged a similar incident happened to her son. This one happened at Castle Park High School.

“On August 9, my son was taking part in a physical education class. He was doing a warm-up exercise on the asphalt and he had the accident and went down in a pothole where he actually fell fractured his ankle,” Ali said.

Since the incident, Ali said she has also been unable to get in touch with the school.

Both mothers are now taking legal action.

“I hope they hear this so they can take appropriate action to get the school back to a safe and prosperous place,” Ali said.

NBC 7 contacted the school district last week and again this week regarding these allegations. Both times they sent the same statement:

“The Sweetwater District prioritizes the safety and security of our students. The district will continue to review our procedures to ensure the safety of all students.”

Both mothers said their children have felt better since their incidents, but now their biggest frustration is feeling ignored.

In July, at a district board meeting, Sweetwater unanimously approved a plan to seek millions of dollars in bonds for improvements. NBC 7 also asked the District about it, but they said they were unable to respond at this time because the District was on fall vacation.

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