Svay Chrum Primary School implements a sustainable school project


Two ministries, Environment and Education, received financial support from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to implement a sustainable schools project in Cambodia with six targeted schools, including primary school Svay Chrum in the province of Svay Rieng.

The school was chosen because it has well-organized gardens and has built composting factories to strengthen environmental management around it with increased production of organic food.

According to an article published yesterday by the Ministry of the Environment, the director general of the General Department of Environmental Knowledge and Information Chuob Paris said that good environmental practices make people healthy, clean, green and beautiful.

He encouraged greater participation of stakeholders, especially children, who will offer the potential to contribute to Cambodia’s development and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

He added that young people have the opportunity to enhance their environmental knowledge to respond to the progress of society, which focuses on economic, social and environmental development in the future.

Svay Chrum Primary School aims to be an environmentally sustainable school with the engagement of the school leadership and stakeholders, especially with the participation of students, parents and the community.

The school has developed a plan to ensure the effectiveness of modern teaching and learning in response to the 21st century in the area of ​​administration, finance, transparency, quality, efficiency and equity in addition to maintaining the environment and being respectful of the environment.

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