Some Colorado high schools will no longer recognize a class valedictorian

(Gray News) – A school district in Colorado plans to eliminate valedictorian awards at its high schools in the coming years.

The Cherry Creek School District, about 20 miles outside of Denver, will not give special recognition to students who achieved the highest grade point average in their class at graduation beginning in 2026. , according to a letter sent to parents earlier this month.

The bulletin indicates that professors have found the tradition outdated and incompatible with what they know and believe about their students and that learning is not a competition.

Principals of secondary schools in the district said it was a way to help reduce the anxiety that many students face daily by removing unnecessary pressure.

But the district said it will continue to honor students who receive academic achievements such as the Honor Roll, GPA Honor Ropes upon graduation and more in a variety of other ways.

According to the letter, the Cherry Creek School District has consulted with the attorney to ensure compliance with its decision to eliminate a class valedictorian regarding admissions processes from other schools, colleges, and local universities.

“At the University of Denver, we are not concerned with schools that eliminate class rank or recognition of majors, as these are not factors used in our admissions process,” wrote Todd Rinehart, vice -chancellor of enrollment at the University of Denver. “Many college and university admissions committees stopped considering class rankings years ago because very few high schools still report class rankings.”

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