Should an entire school district suffer? | Opinion

I have a question for Kelly Guiteierrez (“School District Sues Parent,” April 15 News-Times): “If robbing banks became legal tomorrow, would you rob one? She said that now that her daughter is enrolled in an outside school at $275,000 a year, she is not depriving other students of the opportunities they would otherwise have. Forcing the Lincoln County School District to pay for her daughter’s housing comes at the expense of other students who could use the money for other programs. Students are forced to organize fundraisers for culinary trips or are assigned musical instruments that do better in a pile of bric-a-brac. The amount of $275,000 can go a long way, but it is used for a child.

Before laws allowing this type of litigation became skewed, parents were responsible for displacing programs for their children with special needs, not suing a school district for meeting said needs. If a child is also challenged, perhaps home schooling could be an option, as it was for 100% of students not too long ago. Special education teachers are already burnt out and have to wear a variety of hats for the students in their care, but should an entire district suffer because of one student’s medical condition?

I agree that every child deserves a quality education and should not be ignored. But when the education system is forced to pay for a child’s needs, it takes away from other students who deserve it too. And I think Kelly knows that.

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