Shocked sandalwood

By Upama Upadhyaya

There was shock and disbelief in Sandalwood as the cast tried to deal with the tragedy that struck Friday. Senior actor-director Ramesh arvind stated that his last meeting with Puneeth was Wednesday at a birthday party at Gurukiran’s residence. “He was so jolly and energetic on the last day that I had no idea it could be the last day. He was so jolly the night before and today I hear this sad news. believe. He was a very nice man, “he said. Veteran actress Bharti Vishnuvardhan said that Appu was like a son to her and was left utterly speechless in the face of the tragedy.

Ramya, who had acted with Puneeth, said she had yet to accept the news and was in shock. “If I made a name for myself in the film industry, it was thanks to the Raj Kumar family. Appu was not only a costar but also a great friend. We were in regular contact. Whatever my problems, I would share them with him. In my film, I didn’t have a trailer but Puneeth offered me his trailer, he shared the food with everyone during the shoots, he never threw an attitude towards anyone.

He was like a child at heart. He was always happy and smiling. Anytime I played with Puneeth it would never be like work because he made the whole situation cheerful. During my acting years, I didn’t do a lot of dancing, but Appu taught me the dance steps with ease, ”she said. President of the KPCC DK Shivakumar who was also a

neighbor of Puneeth, said: “He never had bad habits.”

Puneeth’s older brother Raghavendra Rajkumar said: “He saved my life twice by admitting me to the hospital, but today I couldn’t save his life. I only appeal to all his fans to make sure that the peace is kept. We have experienced violence before. So I want a promise from all the fans that we will give him a peaceful last trip. ”

* B-Town also mourns unbearable loss

bollywood singer Sonu sood tweeted: “Heartbroken. I will always miss you my brother. #PuneethRajkumar. A shocked Lakshi Manchu wrote on Twitter: “OMG !!!!!!!! Noooooon. This cannot be true! How can this be? My deep condolences to the family. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Gone too early. ”Kubbra Sait tweeted,“ I’m still not able to understand or make sense of this news. May your soul rest in peace. Strength and courage to the family. You are a beautiful soul. Grateful to have shared the small joys together. ” Vivek Oberoi, Pooja Hegde, Ram Gopal Varma and others also mourned the passing of the Power Star.


* Of a tragedy

Chaos in schools

As soon as news of Puneeth’s rushed transport to hospital spread, many schools sent messages to parents asking them to choose their services immediately. The school administration said that since many schools did not have bus facilities, they could not risk keeping students and had to send SoS to parents.

Eye donation

Puneeth has always been a brand ambassador for many charities. After his death, Rajkumar’s eyes were donated. Following the trend, her family also came forward to grant Puneeth’s wish and her eyes were donated to the Eye Bank.

Leading actors

Many Sandalwood actors rushed to the hospital as soon as news of Puneeth’s hospitalization broke. As the audience wanted to know what was going on inside, many of the actors who left the hospital remained silent. Actor Yash was at the forefront of meeting people and asking fans to keep their cool.

Shock for Shivanna

For the older brother of Puneeth Shivarajkumar, the day started off with a bang as his long-awaited film Bhajarangi-2 hit the screens. The film was due to be released earlier but was delayed due to the second wave of Covid. However, even before Shivanna (as he is commonly known) could enjoy the success of the first show, he must have heard the news of the tragic death. Shivanna was among the first to reach the hospital, then he was released from the hospital without speaking to the media until his family’s residence in Sadashivanagar to oversee the plans of the last rites.

Liquor stores to close

To avoid any untoward incidents, police in the town of Benglauru ordered all bars and liquor stores to be closed until midnight on October 31. In a press release, the police commissioner Kamal pants said the decision was made on the basis of an intelligence report. “I have personally visited the premises and collected information and it seems that there is some truth in the intelligence reports. Therefore, we have ordered the liquor stores to be closed until Sunday midnight for Avoid any untoward incident. The order will apply to all bars and restaurants, wine merchants and other liquor stores within the boundaries of the Bangalore City Police Station, “he said in a statement.

Close to his father

Puneeth’s remains will rest next to his father and mother’s grave near Kanteerava’s studio. The order was issued in this regard by senior IAS officer N Manjunath Prasad, principal secretary to the chief minister, on Friday. Puneeth Rajkumar’s mother, Parvathamma, also rests in the same premises. The decision was made in accordance with his family’s wishes. The BBMP and the police have been asked to make the necessary arrangements.

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