School sets up panel to investigate sexual abuse allegations

The Independent Panel into Ms Obiamaka Azubike Sexual Abuse Allegations is set up to unravel the facts surrounding the incident which occurred on 1st May 2004 at Olashore International School.

Terms of reference

The panel must consider and disentangle the facts surrounding the alleged incident, the merits of the allegations and the way forward, all within the context of fairness and justice.

To achieve its objective, the survey:

  • Consider all available information in student records and other school documents.
  • Contact everyone identified as being able to provide significant evidence or testimony regarding the incident and gather evidence, including first-hand statements if possible, from everyone involved. This will include testimony from the main complainant, the boys who were allegedly involved and any staff who are able to provide information about the incident.
  • Consider whether the 2004 school administration responded appropriately to allegations that may have been made at the time of the incident.
  • Assess whether, in 2004, effective child protection measures were in place and whether identified shortcomings have subsequently been corrected.
  • Submit a report of its findings to the trustees that will be made available to the school administration, the complainant, the Olashore International School Board of Trustees, and all other interested parties. The report will provide recommendations on any action that needs to be taken by the school or any of the interested parties.

The Independent Panel into Ms. Obiamaka Azubike Sexual Abuse Allegations hereby invites former students and former staff of Olashore International School, or any member of the public with relevant information regarding the incident, that will help the panel in its investigation to move forward.

Please submit a avowed statement with all supporting documents and confirm if you will be available to attend the panel hearing for an oral interview.

Please note that all information/statements/documents must be submitted to the Panel via within 7 (seven) days of this publication.

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