School districts tackle teacher housing issues

Several school districts have obligations in the upcoming election that include proposals to improve teacher housing.

IMPERIAL, Texas — Teacher housing isn’t a topic that gets talked about often. However, several school districts have bond elections coming up in May with proposals to address the issue.

Specifically, upgrading or building more teachers’ accommodation.

“Accommodations are very scarce here at Imperial,” said Buena Vista ISD Superintendent Mark Dominguez. “Currently we have about 21 houses for staff members. What we are trying to do is improve the teachers’ accommodation. The houses we have are either outdated houses or mobile homes.”

Dominguez thinks a bond proposal that updates and improves teacher housing will help attract more talented teachers to rural school districts.

“We had to buy housing to be able to house teachers obviously,” Dominguez said. “I believe Midland and Ector County are also doing something with housing. In order to be able to attract teachers to our rural school district, we need to be able to provide them with certain amenities.”

Dominguez said the feedback he’s received from his professors about this proposal has been positive.

“It’s been a positive contribution for staff members, especially those currently residing in mobile homes or dated homes,” Dominguez said. “It was positive in that regard. They also expressed the need for more three bedrooms and two bathrooms.”

Fort Stockton ISD also has a similar proposal on their upcoming bond election, as teacher housing has been in high demand over the past year.

“There is a waiting list for the homes we currently have,” said Fort Stockton ISD superintendent Dr. Gabriel Zamora. “We are aware of some individual homes that will become vacant due to individuals moving to other neighborhoods or career areas, but there is a need.”

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