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PADUCAH – During the pandemic, several organizations have used air disinfection devices to help fight COVID-19. This includes local school districts.

While he doesn’t have specific data points, the McCracken County Superintendent of Schools says the district is happy with the investment.

As we previously reported, the school district has spent more than $ 1 million in federal COVID-19 funds to install this technology.

There is a disinfection device in every classroom and in every district office.

There have been approximately 650 devices in total installed in schools in McCracken County

“Right now, you know, we’re going to do our part, and the air purification device is one step in that mitigation process to keep our kids in school five days a week,” Carter said. , Principal of McCracken County Schools.

Air disinfection devices are one of many mitigation efforts to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in schools in McCracken County.

There are around 650 devices installed in the neighborhood.

Executives say there is no direct cause-and-effect relationship between the technology and the number of COVID-19 cases – they don’t have the numbers.

But, cases and quarantines are on the decline.

“Whether it’s a coincidence or an actual correlation, our number of positive cases reported in school and our number of quarantines continued to decline over the past month,” Carter said.

Several buildings are older, such as Lone Oak Intermediate and Lone Oak Elementary.

District leaders paid special attention to air circulation in classrooms.

MEDformance is the distributor of the devices.

MEDformance conducted a respiratory case reduction study in health facilities and a nursery school

MEDformance management says it is important to pay attention to air quality, especially during the pandemic.

“The importance of indoor air quality is there,” said Brad Cleaver, vice president of sales for MEDformance. “I think the awareness has been taken into account and the indoor air quality is something that you can’t see, so you can feel the effects.”

Management says the company targets air specifically in classrooms where children and educators spend most of their time.

District leaders tell us other levels of mitigation during the pandemic include social distancing, good hygiene, and wearing masks.

MEDformance executives say demand for their products has increased during the pandemic, whether in schools or for local businesses in the region.

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