School board members question Hanna’s changes related to homelessness and foster care – Tallahassee Reports

During the Leon County School Board agenda review on Monday, March 7, Superintendent Rocky Hanna informed board members that he has decided to streamline operations by consolidating services provided by the department. intervention services.

Services related to homeless children and foster families will now be managed by the School Choice and Student Enrollment Departments under the direction of Deputy Superintendent Dr. Michelle Gayle.

Deputy Superintendent Allan Cox will oversee the management of the school, which involves student suspensions/expulsions, mental health, bullying/harassment, hope scholarship applications, equity and labor issues. title IX.

Hanna said he reassigned tasks to existing departments that already handled many aspects of the Response Services department. He said the changes streamline services.

Board member Joy Bowen said the changes were “shocking” and “concerning”. “It seems to me that the services you provide to your different staff members are fragmenting and causing silos,” Bowen said.

Chairman Darryl Jones was also discouraged by the changes and expressed concern. He said many children and families depend on the help offered by the Department of Intervention Services.

Additionally, Jones expressed her dislike that Hanna decided to make the changes without considering the board. “These changes have already been made and are already in effect, and at no time did you think it was important enough for us to be notified that a major division of the Leon County School District has been disbanded or of the current action plan. cheeky.”

Hanna explained that he had no problem hiring more staff if needed. However, he is confident that consolidating some aspects of the Department of Response Services in areas that already address these issues makes it less fragmented and will run more smoothly.

Hanna maintained that he would do nothing to “compromise services” to the children.

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