Riverside School District ‘flips the switch’ on new solar panel | News

CARAWAY — The Riverside School District “flipped the switch” at a special event to celebrate its new active solar panel, which is located onsite, at East Elementary School in Caraway on Tuesday.

The district partnered with a Little Rock-based company called Entegrity to design and install the 739 kW grid, which will offset 95 percent of Riverside’s total consumption.

According to a company press release, Entegrity is an energy services, sustainability and solar development company.

The district should be able to save a lot of money. Feeding through the grid is expected to save approximately $44,000 per year, or $1.5 million over the life of the project, through reductions in utility and energy costs.

In addition to savings, other positive impacts are generated as the district uses renewable energy to cover its electricity consumption. The amount of energy produced annually by the district’s grid is equivalent to saving 101,514 gallons of gasoline or powering 176 homes for one year.

Riverside School District Superintendent Jeff Priest said that by building a solar panel, they found a way to reduce facility costs while still being good stewards.

“Having this network on school grounds provides students and faculty with access to unique learning opportunities and underscores the importance of promoting energy efficiency in our community,” Priest said.

Entegrity Regional Director Rick Vance said the project will allow the school to invest in its facilities, students and staff for years to come.

“By integrating student education and energy efficiency into an initiative that also improves the district’s budget, Riverside is proving to be a true leader in the community,” Vance said.

Entegrity also offers a comprehensive set of services, which includes energy savings, performance contracting, commissioning, energy modeling, building testing, lighting solutions, renewable energy, energy conservation water and sustainable development consulting.

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