Retired BC elementary school teacher, 82, arrested after sexual assault investigation

North Vancouver RCMP say they have arrested a retired elementary school teacher as part of an investigation into sexual assault allegations dating back more than four decades.

RCMP said Thursday the retired teacher, now 82, was arrested following an investigation into seven cases of indecent assault. Investigators also executed a search warrant at his North Vancouver residence at the time of his arrest.

sergeant. Peter DeVries said many of the alleged assaults happened while the teacher was working at Upper Lynn Valley Elementary between 1970 and 1982. Other assaults allegedly took place after he stopped teaching in 1982.

Gendarmes say the initial complaint was filed in mid-June and since then seven alleged victims have come forward.

DeVries said police are looking to speak to anyone who has been victimized by the teacher or had an interaction that made them feel uncomfortable or that they felt was inappropriate.

“We know there are more victims, and one of the things we’re doing today is asking those people to come forward,” he said.

DeVries said the RCMP cannot release the retried teacher’s name because no charges have been laid.

RCMP say they are aware of social media conversations between “people who may have been affected” and are asking them to speak to police.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the RCMP. According to the police, support measures are in place for the victims.

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