Rajasthan schools subject students to mental and physical harassment for not paying fees – The New Indian Express


JAIPUR: The rift that has arisen between students and schools during the pandemic over the issue of non-payment of school fees by students continues to widen in the desert state, with schools penalizing students in one way or another. of another.

Schools also withhold results and transfer certificates from parents who, unable to pay the fees, attempt to transfer their wards to other schools.

Many schools increased fees by 25% after reopening and changed uniforms and doubled transport costs. The state government has yet to act strictly against such a school despite continuous follow-ups, said Manish Vijayvergiya, chairman of Abhibhavak Ekta Andolan State, Rajasthan.

He said: “The first example in this case can be given by a girl whose hand was recently broken by a teacher for non-payment of fees. The teacher stopped the girl after school hours and twisted her hand so hard it resulted in a fracture.”

Her father Badal said he filed the full fee except three months for his 10-year-old daughter, Shivani Panchal. However, the school continued to harass the student.

“Recently, her teacher detained my daughter at school, slapped her and twisted her hand, which broke her hand bone. When the girl’s health deteriorated, the teacher called us and behaved badly with us,” he said. a registered FIR in the matter.

I work at a gas pump and I deposited the fees with the money that came to me. Three months of fees were pending and promised to be reimbursed, he said.

At another school, students were reportedly forced to stand in the sun because their parents could not afford school fees.

About 500 children were forced to sit in the Vidyashram school library, and their parents did not receive their results. In fact, the school management threatened the parents that the children would not be promoted over which hundreds of parents protested against the school. They gathered in front of the school, protested and lodged a complaint against the school at Bajaj Nagar police station.

Meanwhile, Vijayvergiya told IANS that the parents of students at Vidyashram School filed a complaint that despite 80% of the fees being filed, innocent children were kept in the library for hours.

Education is a basic right of children in India, the Supreme Court has also clearly stated that children will not be expelled from online and offline exams nor their exam results withheld in case of arrears of fees. Despite this, many schools in Jaipur do this. We complained, but so far the government has not taken any action against any school, Vijayvergiya said.

In the third case, he cited a Mohammad Ishlaq who in his application said that he had suffered significant losses in his business and therefore could not afford his daughter’s class 3 tuition. Now he wants to transfer his child to a small school. but he is refused the transfer certificate and the school report.

Although the state government has ordered investigations against these schools, officials do not appear to be in a hurry, so no updates have been made by committees formed to investigate complaints, Vijayvergiya said.

Another parent, Sunil Yadav, said that Jayshri Periwal School, although counted among the best private institutes, did not have a parent-teacher association until 2019. It was only formed after the parents have created a story. A case has also been filed against her in the High Court for flouting Supreme Court standards on the Fees Act. The schools raised the fees without any criteria and the case against them is pending at present, he added.

Anita Khichad, a government official assigned to a commission of inquiry, told IANS that the jury exams kept them busy. We will resume the investigation from Monday, she added.

Another senior official, Vishnu Dutt, also delegate to the investigation, did not answer the call of the IANS.

Vijayvergiya alleged that the officials are hand in hand with the schools and therefore the schools rule the roost.

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