Our students are not dying from the pandemic – MOUAU management insists


The leadership of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, (MOUAU), in Abia State, has expressed concern over recent attempts to create panic among the university community with false reports of of an imaginary pandemic killing students.

It comes as two university students recently died of completely unrelated causes. However, it was rumored in some quarters that the deceased students died as a result of a pandemic contacted at the University’s Department of Health Services (Clinic).

In a statement from Adanma Odefa, the public relations officer (PRO), of Umudike University of Agriculture Michael Okpara, and handed to reporters in Umuahia on Saturday, management claimed there was no no pandemic in the school environment and that no other student apart from the two unfortunate incidents died at the university.

According to the school administration, “the university clinic takes care of all emergency students regardless of their registration. There was no wrongdoing in either of these cases on the part of the school. We are deeply saddened by the loss of these young lives and offer our sincere condolences to their families.

The university leadership further reiterated that it is mandatory under its rules and regulations for all students to be registered with the university’s health services department.

The university said in part that two university students recently died from completely unrelated causes.

The first student, a student whose identity we will not disclose out of respect for her family, was a new promotion. Unfortunately, she had had an abortion by a charlatan, resulting in fatal complications. She went to the University Health Services Department (clinic) and although she was not registered she was immediately treated and doctors found that she had had a botched abortion which was became septic. She was quickly referred to the Federal Medical Center in Umuahia (a full-fledged hospital equipped to treat severe cases), where she died.

“The second unfortunate death is that of a student who collapsed on the catwalk and was rushed to the university clinic. Even though he was also unregistered, doctors and nurses wereted no time in fighting to save his life. When he was brought in, he had no pulse and his vital signs were failing. He was quickly loaded into the University ambulance and rushed to Umuahia Federal Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

“We have provided a well-maintained, well-staffed clinic with a functioning back-up ambulance to serve our university community. Members of the University community are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these facilities.

“It is also relevant for students to avail themselves of the clinic’s services at the first signs of poor health,” he added.

“Media professionals are strongly advised to verify the veracity of the articles they publish and to which they lend credence.”

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