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Khammam Rajendranagar School

Lack of donor response to the program

Only 10% of the funds are released in the estimates

Unfinished repair, fit-out work

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Students facing serious difficulties

Khammam Khanapuram Haveli, October 8: To provide better facilities in public schools in the state and bring glory, started “Mana Ooru-Mana Badi”, “Mana Basti-Mana Badi” programs. Under this program, the government decided to improve public schools and provide better facilities for students. In the first phase, 33% of schools were selected for this program with the aim of solving problems in all schools within three years. Khammam district has a total of 1,216 public schools, including primary schools, primary schools, high schools, and 426 schools were selected in the first draft. About 20,000 students in these schools suffer from problems.

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426 schools in the first phase

In the first phase of the “Mana Ooru-Mana Badi”, “Mana Basti-Mana Badi” program, the government selected a total of 426 schools. He suggested that all the problems of the selected schools should be solved in this very school year and the number of pupils should be increased by renovating them. As part of this program, it was decided to collect donations from former students who studied in the respective schools, village personalities, merchants, various voluntary organizations and donors from various communities to repair and develop the schools. He suggested that the names of those bearing the costs be communicated to the schools. Along with village representatives, celebrities, educators, public officials of various functions are also invited to participate in the fundraising program as donations for school development.

Separate accounts for donations

School principals, school management committees, public officials hastily opened special bank accounts for donations. Alumni, NRIs, established people in various fields would respond and donate, all hoped the schools would improve. Although this program was launched last February, not a single school in the district has received donations from donors. Under this scheme, the government has deposited Rs.4 crores into the district collecting account. What are the works to be done in the selected schools from the first week of May. An additional collector has been assigned to prepare an estimate of their cost. Additional collector, Panchayati Raj accompanied engineering officers and inspected schools. Estimates of the necessary proposals have been prepared and sent to the collector by WD.

Students struggling with incomplete assignments

In the first phase, the government has allocated Rs. 59 crores for work in 426 schools selected in the first phase, Rs. 33 crores under NREGS. Of these, Rs.4 crores have been released in the district at present. District education department officials sent a report to the government asking for Rs 10 crore. At present, 80% of the work has been done in some schools in the district, 40-50% in other schools. Works at 426 schools are to be completed by March 2023. Kitchen sheds and retaining walls are to be constructed under the rural employment guarantee scheme. With that, work began at select schools across the district in June. For this, contractors dumped materials like sand, gravel, bricks in the classrooms of some schools, not only in the school premises. Removal of existing fans, lights and switchboards for electrical repairs. They did not pay the invoices for the work done to the contractors. For this reason, work remained unfinished in almost all schools. In such situations, teachers who believed that the face of schools would change with the program “Mana Ooru-Mana Badi”, “Mana Basti-Mana Badi” and that their problems would be solved with the students, encountered more difficulties. Students and teachers are suffering in many schools due to the removal of fans and lights from classrooms. Some schools face difficulties due to the building materials placed in the premises and classrooms.

Our school that is not moving forward Unfinished work at Rikkabazar School

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