“Ordered schools, DCs and SPs to hold peace committee meeting,” says CM Bommai on reopening of schools

New Delhi: Amid a row of hijabs, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Sunday warned troublemakers of legal action as schools up to grade 10 reopen from Monday.

“Our officers are observing messages on social media. They are also collecting information on their own. My first duty now is to ensure that schools and colleges are open as soon as possible and to create a cordial atmosphere for serene learning. Students need to focus on exams due in March. Other things would be taken care of by investigative agencies,” he said.

Bommai said high schools are reopening from Monday in the state. District commissioners and school management have been ordered to hold peace meetings and classes will be held peacefully, he said.

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A decision will be made on the reopening of colleges shortly after ensuring that all preparations are underway. “The colleges will operate as before in a cordial atmosphere. The reopening of schools and colleges is our first priority. I have requested a report from the Minister of Education. Based on this, a decision would be taken,” he said. he declares.

Bommai explained that the state’s economy had suffered badly over the two years due to Covid and that through the budget, an attempt would be made to stimulate the economy.

“Economic progress, people’s well-being and financial discipline will be kept in mind when presenting the budget,” he said, adding that “our revenue collections are improving, the priority will be given to the weakest and poorest person,” he said.

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