NPCC Knights Host High School Volleyball Camp

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Knights of North Platte Community College hosted a two-day camp for local high school teams. The camp was an opportunity for players to get live reps against other teams in the region and for coaches to see all the talent in their teams this season. The camp divided the teams by division, the varsity teams served as division one teams, while the JV teams served as division two and three.

Knights head coach Alexa McCall led the event. McCall also involves his players by serving as officials for high school games. By involving his players in this way, McCall says it helps them better appreciate who might be officiating their games and it just helps give them a different perspective.

Perspective is gained from both sides, while college players get a different perspective of what it’s like to officiate the game, high school girls can see what it would be like to play for the Knights program.

“Anytime we can bring high school kids or other people into our gym and our facilities, I think it gives them a good taste of what it would be like if they had the opportunity to come to school. here,” McCall says.

While the Knights may not be participating as players at this camp, it allows them to get to know some of the newcomers who will be joining the team this season. McCall considers this one of the biggest benefits of hosting the camp.

“The girls had a chance to meet over the summer. That’s kind of one of the reasons I like that they do that, they meet the freshmen and the sophomores year and start to form these relationships. So it was exciting to see them interact and I think they get excited, you know being together they get excited and it’s shortly before we move in so we’re going to go before we know that,” McCall says.

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