North Country mourns the loss of a kindergarten teacher

PLATTSBURGH, NY (WCAX) – The communities of Plattsburgh and Peru are mourning the loss of kindergarten teacher, Nichole Julian, 42. Julian was one of two North Country residents killed Friday in a three-car crash in Beekmantown.

“The number of lives she has touched is nothing short of exceptional,” shares Rebecca Coryea, another pre-kindergarten teacher from Peru’s Central School District. She says Nichole Julian was her children’s pre-school teacher years ago and has been fortunate to work with her for the past three years.

“I structured so many things based on what I was watching her do in her bedroom. I picked her brain so many times, and I said, she came to work with us, and it was a dream come true. We were the pre-k dream team together,” Coryea said.

She says Julian has taught hundreds of kindergarten students over his 20 years in the community and says Julian had a magical talent for getting young children to love learning.

“At Christmas, she came in with reindeer ears, and she had red dot stickers, and she wanted to put them on every pre-k student, and we were going to be Rudolph all day,” Coryea said.

“You’ll see her singing in the hallway, holding hands with a student, jumping, laughing, and I think that’s going to be the hardest part for most of our staff,” said Scott Storms, superintendent by interim of the Central School of Peru. Piece.

He says Julian is known to be a dedicated, compassionate and generous educator, loved by all students, parents and colleagues.

“His students really had joy every day when they were in the room with Nichole,” Storms said. He says beginning Monday, counselors will be touring the district throughout the week, particularly the pre-kindergarten class, to support students and staff who are grieving this significant loss.

He says there will be a designated space available for anyone, students or teachers, who needs to grieve.

“We’re able to bring in some really dedicated retest teachers to support us, and they come to support other colleagues who might need a minute to put their thoughts together,” Storms said.

“She will forever be the best kindergarten teacher that has ever walked the face of this Earth,” Coryea said.

New York State Police are still investigating the crash and Channel 3 News has asked for more information but has not heard back.

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