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BHUBANEWAR: The Degree Science College on the Anchalika Mahavidyalaya campus in Mahaling village in Kalahandi district – established by Gobinda Sahu, main accused in the murder of Mamita Meher – has been operating without compulsory university affiliation for six years. Reason: its management did not bother to seek renewal after 2014-15. Amid raging controversy, the college points out the unregulated state of education and the precarious situation of innocent students.

Established in 2012 to offer Plus III education in the science stream, it started with 128 students, but its student body now stands at 320, the highest among all science graduate colleges in Kalahandi. Yet the college admits students, runs courses and exams without updating Sambalpur University’s affiliation since 2015. It offers specializations in physics, mathematics, chemistry, physical and biological sciences.

According to college records, it admitted 798 students – 243 in 1st year, 280 in 2nd and 275 in 3rd year. For teaching students, it only has 14 faculty members, far less than the UGC mandate of teacher-student ratio of 1:40. The faculty includes Principal Aswini Kumar Bag who is a lecturer at Odia.

In 2019, when the state government notified the establishment of the University of Kalahandi by modernizing the (autonomous) college of Kalahandi, it decided to disaffiliate the colleges of the districts of Kalahandi and Nuapada and to affiliate them to the new university to reduce the burden on Sambalpur University.

As a result, Mahaling University was supposed to be attached to Kalahandi University. “The college must be disaffiliated from Sambalpur University to come under Kalahandi University. I am told that there are some official procedures pending at the university level in Sambalpur and unless this is completed we cannot grant affiliation, ”said Prof. Sanjay Satpathy, Vice Chancellor (VC) from the University of Kalahandi.

The necessary documents were submitted to Sambalpur University last month for membership renewal.
The University of Sambalpur VC Sajiv Mittal, however, qualifies the operation of the college as “illegal” and asserts that membership is the responsibility of the college concerned which must renew it annually. The university does not track individual colleges and if the affiliation is not updated, the college status is considered “withdrawn”.

“It (Degree Science College) was affiliated until the 2014-15 academic year. After that, the authorities did not submit any documents providing information on faculty and infrastructure, among others. Only if a college submits its documents, we send an inspection team to the campus for verification but in this case, since there have been no annual requests for membership renewal, no team from the university is ‘has been visiting the campus since 2014-15, ”he said. .

The college submitted the documents on September 28 of this year and requested regularization of membership for previous years as well. “But we can’t do that until we send a team to assess their infrastructure, their teaching and their level of education. It is only once the college is affiliated that it can be disaffiliated and attached to Kalahandi University, ”he said. He, too, is baffled that the college has admitted unaffiliated students all these years.

The principal of Bag College declined to comment on the matter, but said there are many unassisted colleges in Odisha that operate with a “pending affiliation” status. Government recognition of the college was valid until 2019. Plus III Colleges in West Odisha get temporary / permanent government recognition through the Office of the Regional Director of Education (RDE), Sambalpur . RDE, Sambalpur Parvati Guru informed that only 292 of the 320 seats have been recognized.

The list of deviations does not end there. Equally dubious is the affairs of Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, the upper secondary school (HS). Founded in 2010 with only 128 students, the school now has 496 places in the Science stream – also the highest among all HS schools in Kalahandi District. Siege strength was 432 last year and admission has been increased by 64 this year.

The director of upper secondary education, Bikash Mohapatra, said it was impossible to monitor the quality of education at unassisted colleges like Anchalika Mahavidyalaya. “We are only focusing on subsidized or government colleges, but if any allegations of violation of the education law are received against an HS school, we will initiate an investigation. In this case, we did not receive any, ”he said.

The school has 14 teachers to teach physics, mathematics, chemistry, physical and biological sciences, Odia, English and computer science. The allegations are that most of the teaching staff are underqualified. The government requires that a candidate with a master’s degree in science with grades of 55pc be appointed as a teacher in an HS school. The director of Anchalika Mahavidyalaya Ranajit Sahu, relative of the accused Gobinda, holds an MCA degree from a private institute, the Sai Institute of Bhubaneswar.

The institution kept the boys on campus, set up girls’ hostels outside

The Degree Science College and Anchalika Mahavidyalaya are located on the outskirts of Mahaling on a 10-acre campus that also houses four staff quarters, two boys’ hostels, a canteen, a gym, a playground and a temple. Oddly enough, the girls’ hostels at HS School and Plus III are located off campus. The members of the management committee believe that there is not enough space on campus for the girls’ hostels. Twelve faculty members also stay in the girls’ hostels and look after the affairs of the facilities, said secretary of the school’s management committee, Kiran Singh. “As there is little room left to house the students, we have decided to set up hostels for them in the village. We have now decided to appoint female caretakers for both homes, ”he said.

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