Nigeria presents education solution at UN summit

The NewGlobe said Nigeria showcased its practical programs that are transforming education systems in the country at the United Nations Education Transformation Summit.

A statement made available to The punch said the president, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari retd. addressed the “Transforming Education Summit” on the sidelines of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, during which he proclaimed Nigeria as a champion country, committed to greater inclusion and innovation for education in the country.

Further, he explained that three states in Nigeria; Edo, Lagos and more recently Kwara had implemented large-scale education transformation projects in partnership with NewGlobe.

The statement adds that the partnership between state governments and NewGlobe has strengthened education systems in Edo (EdoBEST), Lagos (EKOEXCEL) and Kwara (KwaraLEARN), saying it has provided life-changing educational solutions for children in the hard-to-reach and urban communities. .

The statement argued that these states have embraced the achievement of SDG-4 as a strategy to enshrine future economic prosperity, peace and stability.

”Nigeria is one of the countries present at the inaugural UN Transforming Education Summit that can showcase practical programs transforming education systems at the state level. Three states in Nigeria, Edo, Lagos and more recently Kwara have implemented large-scale education transformation projects in partnership with NewGlobe using a holistic methodology that delivers results. The success of this model lies in the fact that it is holistic, there is not a single component that drives success but rather a complex system built on four fundamental aspects: a digital learning platform, content adaptive instruction, training and coaching, and 360- degree support. Within this holistic system are many sets of practices, such as school management, learning and development, instructional guidance, and feedback. NewGlobe has established expectations for each of these sets of practices and consistently supports accordingly to ensure consistency and excellence.”

He revealed that 2019 Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Kremer said the study showed that attending schools with a highly standardized education had the potential to produce dramatic large-scale learning gains.

NewGlobe Group Chief Executive, Omowale David Ashiru, said: “Now is the time to identify and scale effective local solutions already implemented, by visionary governments, in the economies where they are the more needed. We all know the scale of the crisis, now we need practical actions, not words, to solve it.”

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