Moss Greenhouses Helps Twin Falls School District High School Students Thrive

Students from Canyon Ridge, Magic Valley and Twin Falls High School got their hands dirty at Moss Greenhouses while learning about the variety of career opportunities available in local business. Through the visa program, Twin Falls School District staff and members of the Rotary Club of Blue Lakes help students at risk of not graduating by providing hands-on experiences with local businesses.

By touring Moss Greenhouses, students got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run this multi-million dollar business. Moss employee LaDeane Brown said he wants to give students hope that working at Moss is something they can accomplish.

“A lot of them left with applications today, they can work in retail, they can work in traction plants or in transportation,” Brown said. “We want them to come away with future job opportunities, but the beauty of touching and growing a plant.”

Isaiah Silvaz, a student at Canyon Ridge High School, said he is grateful the Rotary club provides them with opportunities like this.

“This program taught me a lot about things like engineering and other technology, and now this kind of farming stuff,” Silvaz said. “It’s interesting to learn more about plants and how everything works together.”

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