Military mom catches daughter teaching at school

A first-grade teacher at Harmony School of Innovation was shocked when her mom came home from deployment and surprised her at school.

The last time Samantha Norris saw her mother, Tamie Norris, was about a year ago when she graduated and celebrated her birthday.

In the video, Tamie walks into Samantha’s classroom as she tells her students to get their backpacks ready. Samantha reacts with shock.

“It was the last thing I expected,” Samantha said.

Tamie had been deployed for 11 months in Iraq and Jordan. She returned to the military after raising Samantha and her brother.

“I watched the video a couple of times, and everyone thinks it’s so funny that I took my mask off so fast, but I think it was just, ‘oh my God, it happens’, and I had to show her that I was so horny too,” Samantha said.

She says her mother has always been one for surprises.

“On the one hand, I was like, I’m the teacher, I have to be calm, collected, so [the students] are calm and serene, but inside I was so happy that I jumped inside,” she said. “At that moment, it was like there was no nobody else in the room.”

It was not only a special occasion for Samantha and Tamie, but also for the students.

“It’s been a constant conversation with me and my students like where is my mom because at the beginning of the year we talked about the Pledge of Allegiance and why we say that, so I’m really very open with my students. with my life, and they can see me as a human being too,” Samantha said.

The students were able to learn a little more about the army.

“Once the video was cut they were so excited, asking her so many questions, she let them try out all the material, it was such a good experience for them too to see a woman in the military I believe,” Samantha mentioned.

Samantha was able to show her mother her classroom. This is Samantha’s first year of teaching.

Tamie will be at home in Dallas for the summer before her next deployment in the fall.

For now, Samantha is happy to have her house.

“It was just a moment I’ve wanted for a year,” she said.

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