Kerala educators meet MP AAP Atishi and observe Delhi government’s educational initiatives in schools

On Saturday, senior AAP official and MP Atishi met with educators and dignitaries who expressed a desire to implement mindfulness and happiness programs in their schools.

One of the educators, Victor TI, regional secretary of CBSE School Management Association, Kerala, had previously written to Atishi about the possibility of learning more about the transformation of Delhi government schools, the government said in a statement. .

“Ms. Atishi explained in detail the different steps and initiatives such as empowering school leaders, setting up a framework for mentor teachers and strengthening community participation in school maintenance, which have been crucial in redressing the state of public schools in Delhi.Taking note of the full range of policy reforms and key decisions that the Delhi government has taken over the past seven years, the dignitaries visited the classrooms to gather a fuller understanding,” he said.

Victor TI, Dr. M. Dinesh Babu, the Treasurer of Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Resorts, and other dignitaries visited a “connected classroom”, STEM lab and school library, and rented the world-class facilities.

The Advisor to the Delhi Director of Education, Shailendra Sharma was also present on the occasion.

“Officials were also interested in seeing first-hand the widely acclaimed happiness and mindfulness classes taught in Delhi’s public schools and were deeply impressed with the atmosphere and attendance,” the government said. According to them, an official said, “The calmness of the students and the happiness I could feel on their faces watching them was really encouraging.

The government said the mindfulness classes, where students express themselves through different stories and regularly practice mindfulness, have impressed officials.

“We will also try to implement it in the same way in our school. The whole school is enjoying the process like a family, whether it’s the faculty or the students, everyone is enjoying it, which is wonderful to see,” the officials said.

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