Huntsville School District Response to Complaint


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The Huntsville School District has formally denied the majority of complaints against it in the sexual assault case first reported in July.

Senior Representative Counsel Joey McCutchen said that was exactly what they had prepared for in terms of the accused’s response to the complaint, but it was not without surprises.

“That’s a pretty standard answer,” McCutchen said.

Title IX documents claim boy basketball players put their genitals and private parts in teammates’ mouths while others held victims to the ground, calling it “baptizing” or “dipping beans “.

McCutchen filed a lawsuit against the Huntsville School District on September 10, and the defense has just released a response to the lawsuit.

However, McCutchen was taken back by pressure from the defendant to seal the information.

“They want to make this the problem, not that they’ve had multiple FOIA violations, and that they’ve had kids in the school district sexually assaulted multiple times,” McCutchen says.

According to him, the information will not affect those involved.

“I don’t think we’re violating anyone’s right to privacy. In fact, we filed this complaint to protect the children, ”says McCutchen.

McCutchen says that while the school has denied many of the concerns in the Title IX case, it has admitted to violating freedom of information law on several occasions.

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