How Entab enabled schools to work remotely during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the country to a standstill after lockdown measures were imposed to contain the spread of the virus in 2020. Initially, most people were confined to their homes to work remotely, which also had a impact on students. Students were learning from home on mobile devices, laptops, computers, and more.

Much of this has been made possible by ERP software for education developed by Delhi-based IT company Entab. Entab has developed school management software or school ERP software that helps in managing the daily affairs of schools.

Entab’s CampusCare software is the nation’s most popular school management ERP software. It is artificially intelligent software with modules and features, Entab said.

The software is used by over 1,800 schools nationwide and has evolved over the years.

CampusCare ERP is a comprehensive school management software that manages everything from attendance of thousands of students to providing bus tracking capability, GPS and online expense management.

Founded in 2000 by Lawrence Zacharias and Shaji Thomas, Entab is considered a pioneer in the digitalization of school campuses. It has a dedicated team of over 500 professionals, headquartered in New Delhi, operating in 29 different states.

Entab has also introduced mobile apps to keep up with technological advancements. Entab’s mobile apps complement their ERP systems by providing parents with real-time updates on their children. The mobile app has features such as fee filing, report generation, assigning student assignments, and uploading lecture notes, among other features.

Entab’s business grew exponentially after the launch of the mobile app and its business more than tripled during the pandemic.

Entab will soon launch learning management system (LMS) software, online content for schools, and online courses that will disrupt the edu-tech industry and transform classrooms into smart classrooms.

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