High school athletes are happy to return to full fall sports schedules


PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD / WYZZ) – Fall sports are back in high schools across the region.

Monday marked the first day of training for the Illinois High School Association fall sports teams. For the soccer, men’s football and women’s volleyball teams, it marked a return to their normal schedules after moving their season to spring by last year’s pandemic.

“It’s very different from last year when there were a lot of questions,” Morton senior quarterback Layne Kaufman said. “Are we going to do a season?” Will we do this or that? Now, for sure, we are going to have a season. School begins, football begins. We are pumped up.

Football players won’t be in their full cushions until Saturday, but practice is underway with matches kicking off on August 27.

Soccer and volleyball teams can start playing on August 23, and welcome the return to a full fall schedule after playing shortened seasons without state tournaments last spring.

“Usually in the fall, it’s an exciting time with the football season and the volleyball season,” said Tara Ballard, volleyball coach for Metamora. “Maybe going back to school (isn’t exciting) for (the players), but they’re excited about the volleyball season. “

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