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HYDERABAD: Many parents now prefer to send their children to public schools rather than private schools in Telangana. Parents blame the “high” tuition fees charged by private schools for transferring their children to public schools.

It has been more than 19 months since schools were closed in the state, following the Covid-19 outbreak, making online classes the new normal. Parents of several students have since raised their voices on the issue of the exorbitant fees charged by schools, even for online courses. Last year, the state government warned against punitive measures against schools that did not follow its instructions and issued GO 46 ordering schools to charge students only tuition fees.

Alleging that several schools in the state blatantly violated the GO, parents claim that schools clubbed several tuition fees and placed it under the tuition fee umbrella to escape punitive action. However, parents are forced to pay the same amount of school fees as before the pandemic. “The city’s schools looting students under the guise of school fees is now an open secret, but the authorities are not aware of it,” said a parent. Another tutor said that if parents refused to pay the full fee, the school administration, in some cases, denied students access to online courses.

Movement led by the financial crisis
“Due to Covid-19, many families are reeling from a major financial crisis. And, although the courses are completely online, the school administration has asked for a full fee. This is why many parents transfer their wards to public schools, ”said Kishor, member of the Parents Association of Hyderabad.

The situation is not only in urban areas of the state, but also in rural districts. “This year, many students from poor families have dropped out of schools, while many students who were in private schools are admitted to our school. It’s only because their parents don’t want to spend as much on school fees as they did in private schools, ”said H Shobharani, director of the Boothpur District Government Girls’ Primary School in the district of Boothpur. Mahabubnagar. Meanwhile, there has been a sharp increase in private school closings in the state. Due to the decline in school admissions between 2019 and 2021, 742 private schools have closed in the state and about 300 in the city, according to reports.

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