Governor Laura Kelly announces new dashboard for tracking COVID-19 cases in Kansas school districts


Today, Governor Laura Kelly announced a new public dashboard for tracking COVID-19 disease and immunization rates in Kansas school districts on the Department of Health and Human Rights COVID-19 Resource Center. ‘Kansas Environment (KDHE).

“This dashboard will provide transparent and frequently updated information to help local health officials and school districts make informed, data-driven decisions to control the spread of COVID-19 among our students. ” Governor Laura Kelly said. “My administration will continue to work with our local partners and encourage vaccinations among all eligible Kansans to defeat this virus once and for all. “

This dashboard includes all cases of COVID-19 in school-aged children (ages 5-17) over the past 14 days and does not necessarily indicate where a student has been exposed or the transmission is ‘is produced in a school environment.

The dashboard also tracks cumulative COVID-19 vaccination rates among school-aged children (ages 5 to 17) by school district. Cases and vaccinations among school-aged children are aggregated at school district boundaries by the home address of individual cases. Data does not reflect exceptions for students who do not attend their assigned school district.

“Sharing this information in an easy-to-understand format will help parents and families understand the risks of COVID-19 in their own school district, enabling them to make the best choices to keep their children safe in school. by wearing a mask, by getting tested regularly and vaccinated if eligible ”, said Dr. Stephanie Kuhlmann, Co-Chair of the Safer Classrooms Working Group.

“With so much misinformation being shared on COVID-19, this school dashboard provides a simple tool to help school districts keep track of what’s happening locally and across the state.” said Dr. Jennifer Bacani-McKenney, Co-Chair of the Safer Classrooms Working Group. “We will continue to support our teachers and school boards by providing timely evidence so they can establish strong policies to protect their children, teachers and staff.” “

The data will be updated on the dashboard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The data displayed represents the last 14 days.

To view the new dashboard, please click here.

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