Government to install CCTV cameras in public schools run by citizens

The day after the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl in a school in PuneMinister of National Education, Varsha Gaikwad pointed out that the government would install CCTV cameras in more than 65,000 state and municipal schools, the reports pointed out.

This statement comes in response to questions posed in the state assembly on Friday, March 25. Apart from this, the government should also institute a policy to keep girls safe in schools, according to accounts.

Gaikwad has been quoted in accounts explaining how the state decided to install CCTV cameras in all public schools. Adding that there are 65,086 schools of which 1,624 are already equipped with video surveillance. She said the others will get their cameras by the end of this year.

For the said project, the funds will go through the Regional Planning and Development Councils, the MPLAD, the MLA funds as well as through the participating NGOs.

Apart from the installation of the camera, its maintenance will also be looked at since the school in Pune where the incident took place had cameras but no hard drive, Gaikwad said.

In addition to these initiatives, Sakhi Savitri teams will be formed to ensure the safety of students at school level. This should be completed within the next 15 days. The school education minister explained how the team will include members of the school management, parents, teachers, doctors and students, testimonies quoted.

The school will then contact the local police station. The team’s responsibility will be to review CCTV footage on a monthly basis. If they find anything wrong, they will have to notify the authorities, reports noted.

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