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Extract from the newspaper of October 11, 1996

A PARTY of local school children and their teachers marveled this week at their chance to escape after coming out shocked but otherwise unscathed from a train crash after a day of education. All 36 Golspie High School students and three staff were in the front car of Sprinter Wick-Inverness when it crashed into a semi-trailer at an East Brora Muir crossing on Tuesday. The 66 passengers in the two cars were not injured and, after an hour’s delay, continued their journey south by bus.

Anti-wind activists in East Sutherland have called on local Highland Councilor Ron McDonald to consider his position following a referendum result showing most residents are clearly opposed to the plan. Councilor McDonald (Brora / Kildonan) has always maintained that the silent majority of residents either support or do not oppose the erection of turbines in the hills between Brora and Helmsdale, and that opposition comes from outside the county .


Extract from the newspaper of October 8, 1971

At the request of the Highland Development Board, Dornoch City Council is to immediately apply for a license for their grass airstrip on the links. If the necessary equipment is provided and the runway improvements are completed without delay, scheduled flights could use Dornoch in time for next summer. This would be a great development boost not only for the Royal Borough but for Sutherland County as a whole. The essential arrangement will be a metallized access road, firefighting equipment and personnel, vehicles, beacons and a telephone booth.

The arrival at Kinlochbervie last Thursday of the £ 40,000 seine-fishing vessel, the Sheigra, marks a new adventure in two respects. It was built specifically to provide local employment; and east coast skipper Mr. Archibald McCallum of Macduff is breaking the tradition of traveling – he and his wife occupy a new council house near the pier and his daughter Joan is at school in Golspie. The boat is co-owned by Mr. McCallum and the Wood Group of Aberdeen.


Extract from the newspaper of October 6, 1921

The Clyne School Management Committee received a requisition from a dozen boys, who wished to act as caddies for the Brora Golf Club, for an exemption (from the school). The committee had granted an exemption and now wanted their action ratified by the Sutherland Education Authority. J Ross, Brora, said the exemption for the purposes mentioned has been granted year after year. Andrew Lindsay, chairman, said it taught boys idle habits, but Mr Ross said the boys made an honest dime for putting clothes on their backs. It was agreed to grant an exemption from schooling to two pupils belonging to Lower Brora, one in Dornoch and one in Scourie.

The Durness school dike is still in disrepair and farmers are complaining that sheep are straying through the cracks in the wall to their farms, the Sutherland Education Authority has learned. President Andrew Lindsay said it didn’t mean much for discipline at Durness School when the levees were allowed to be knocked down by students.

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