Floyd School District pays special tribute to Guardians


FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – This is a special group that often works unnoticed in the the hallways and offices of most schools, often after hours when there is no one else.

But in many ways, especially during the ongoing pandemic, their work is as important to health and safety as that of teachers and administrators.

“Our board team and I would like to thank the exceptional custodians of our Floyd County schools,” Superintendent Anna Shepherd said ahead of the special day. “This hard-working group of individuals cannot be praised enough for what they do. It’s a tough job keeping a house clean, so when you think about how much space these people keep beautiful, month after month and year after year, it’s amazing!

“Our school guards work a lot behind the scenes and people don’t always see everything they’re doing, just proof that they’ve been there when you’re in a clean facility. They work tirelessly to maintain our buildings and they are essential in establishing positive first impressions from people entering our buildings.

“The work of our guards makes our students, staff and visitors more comfortable and makes being in our buildings more enjoyable. On top of that, COVID has challenged our caretakers to go even further with deep cleaning and disinfection than in the past. What they do helps our facilities, furniture and equipment last longer, and they make our buildings safer and healthier. They are truly essential to our school district and we cannot thank them enough, ”Shepherd concluded.

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