Dr. Sam Dasher identified as finalist for superintendent position

After reviewing 12 applications and conducting interviews with four candidates, the Jefferson County Board of Education announced that Dr. Samuel Dasher was the sole finalist for his next superintendent position.

“Having known and worked with Dr. Dasher for nearly 20 years, we have witnessed his heart and dedication to the students of Jefferson County,” said board chairman Jimmy Fleming. “He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of instructional leadership, student learning and school management and is a great example of a lifelong learner…We are confident that Dr. Dasher will continue to lead schools in County County. Jefferson to greater success and to helping many students achieve their goals and dreams.

Although the Board of Directors has determined that Dr. Dasher is the most qualified for the position, it is necessary to take 14 days between their announcement on Monday, April 24 and their meeting on May 10 to make his resume and application available. for public review and comment. . This information was posted on the board’s website at www.jefferson.k12.ga.us.

Fleming said Dr. Dasher stood out among applicants throughout the recruitment, review and interview process.

Dr. Dasher’s 29-year career in education has been dedicated to serving children in Richmond and Jefferson counties, beginning at Murphey Middle School in Augusta as a science teacher.

“Even then, I realized that being an educator is truly a labor of love that requires the willingness to give your all to ensure your students’ success,” he wrote in his board nomination letter.

While there, he attended national science teacher conferences, worked summers to develop science curricula, was twice Teacher of the Year, and was named the University’s Science Teacher of the Year. District IX.

He took the position of assistant principal at Louisville Academy in 2001 and two years later became principal of Louisville Middle School.

While in these positions, Dr. Dasher said he began to develop his philosophy of leadership.

“Children always come first,” he said. “Teachers need the support and resources to be successful. Parents and stakeholders should be involved in the educational process, and above all, every student deserves the best education we can provide. »

As principal, Dr. Dasher said he set high standards and expectations to ensure that Louisville Middle would consistently exceed state standards and meet the needs of children.

He joined the Jefferson County Board Office in 2012 as Director of Student Services and became Deputy Superintendent in 2015.

“My experience as an education leader has taught me the importance of open and honest lines of communication,” Dr. Dasher said. “Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, and education is a profession that is ultimately about relationships. Having spent my entire career serving the needs of Title I school communities, I am uniquely positioned to understand the importance of equity across the educational spectrum. Regardless of location, students and teachers should not be limited in their access to technology, resources or funding. Ensuring equity allows every student to have the opportunity to succeed.

Fleming said while the board was looking for someone with all the right qualifications, they were also looking for someone with experience focused on high levels of student learning and a leader who would serve as a great example for staff.

“The application process was really quite dynamic and took a lot of thought and work,” Fleming said. “School climate and student learning were at the top of our list, but there were about 20 main points that we prioritized. Dr. Dasher’s personal experience with us gave him an edge that allowed him to show off his skills and knowledge of Jefferson County and a way to move us forward… And getting started without that learning curve is a huge advantage.

Fleming added that all board members diligently participated in the process and put in a great deal of time and effort. The board is expected to vote in favor of Dasher at its May meeting.

“I am humbled and extremely excited and look forward to working with all members of the community, all agencies, all stakeholders, students, parents and teachers to realize the dream of a warrior nation, one Jefferson County,” Dr. Dasher said.

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