Crossroads School Districts See Gains and Struggles in 2022 STAAR Results | New

Students in Crossroads school districts achieved STAAR Middle and Elementary School Assessment scores mostly in line with the statewide trend of limited recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calhoun County DSI

In Calhoun schools, each grade level saw an increase in the percentage of students who met grade level standards in reading in 2021. Math results were just a few percentage points away from that same point. mark.

The results were rather mixed compared to pre-pandemic figures, with some grade levels still below their 2019 results, particularly in math.

The district’s raw numbers were better than many surrounding districts, but a significant number of students still struggled, with 59% of seventh graders in math and 40% of sixth graders in reading falling into the category. lowest result of “has not reached school level”. ”

Cuero ISD

Nearly every grade level in the Cuero School District saw significant jumps from 2021 on reading and math tests, and most grades also saw jumps from 2019 tests in reading.

Like most districts in Texas, students have been slower to recover from math tests — with the exception of sixth grade, every grade level is still behind 2019 in meeting grade level standards .

Unlike many districts, no grade level has seen a majority of students fall into the “did not meet grade level” category, which means fewer students in Cuero will need academic intervention. intensive to reach the standard for their next year.

Edna CIO

Edna schools followed the pattern of large jumps in the percentage of students reaching grade level from 2021, but also saw significant improvement over 2019 results in reading and math.

Edna’s math scores were strong compared to other districts in the region, with several grade levels growing as of 2019 and nearly a third of students in the highest scoring category.

CIO Goliad

Goliad’s results showed limited improvements compared to other districts in the region, with a number of grade levels falling below last year’s scores on reading and math tests.

There were some positives, like the nearly 30-point jump in fifth-grade reading, but these came with negatives like the fact that in 2021 and 2022, 0% of seventh-grade students were “mastering their grade level standards.

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