Communication is the business of schools in Uganda

Willem Kitshoff, Group CEO d6

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 9, 2022 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/ – Excellent communication is at the heart of any excellent school. There are a number of publicly available communication platforms that allow a school to connect with parents, staff, students, and the rest of its school community. The well-known South African organization, d6, brings its school communication solutions to East Africa.

Modern education has become much more than books, blackboards and homework. For a school, being able to bridge the gap between school and parents plays a vital role in the success of a learner’s educational journey. To help build meaningful connections between schools and parents, d6 provides a solution that communities can use to notify and alert, coordinate and organize, and interact with parents.

Willem Kitshoff, CEO of d6 Group, explains: “The quality of education provided always depends on a school being run as effectively and efficiently as possible in all respects. If communication with all stakeholders is not well managed, learning will be compromised. So far, in South Africa and other African countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, for example, d6 is helping around 2,700 schools to run effectively.

d6’s Communications offering is a software solution designed to simplify not only school-parent communication, but the entire school community. Through a multi-channel communication platform (d6 app, email and SMS), all users can be alerted at the touch of a button to school news, calendar events, useful resources, a gallery and precise contact details. This allows the school to send the right message to the right audience, regardless of their preferred communication channel. Additionally, it allows schools to create private channels with more controlled access to the information they communicate. d6 has also ensured that its communications platform has powerful integration capabilities to avoid unnecessary duplication of data between platforms.

“We developed the d6 communication platform primarily to improve communication failures. Schools in East Africa will also be able to be integrated into the entire d6 School Management Suite which includes the following departments within the business side of the school: Administration, Curriculum, Finance and Communication”

Some of the benefits of the communication platform are: eliminating the use of disparate systems, ensuring that the sending of communication is optimized by being sent through multiple delivery channels, and ensuring compliance with data policies and regulations.

“Our platform is based on our experience in Southern Africa, but we have plans to expand across the continent. While engaging with several schools in Africa, our team observed that 80% of them experience similar challenges with regards to effective communication. There are a number of schools that rely on the more traditional forms of communication, which results in important information not reaching parents, inadvertently causing frustration. It’s d6’s mission to empower schools to focus on their passion for education by simplifying the process of managing and communicating a school,” adds Kitshoff.

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About d6

d6, registered as d6 Group (Pty) Ltd., aims to advance schools by revolutionizing its management functions. Its communication solution bridges the communication gap between schools and their parents. Additionally, d6 provides a cloud-based management solution that simplifies the way schools manage their school’s “business” in terms of finance, administration, and curriculum.

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