Clark County teachers deserve respect | LETTER

As the husband of a retired math teacher and the father of an elementary school teacher, I am frustrated with letters to the editor that often offer sweeping condemnation of the Clark County School District in particular and schools public in general.

I’ve been a front-row observer/participant in everything that happens behind the scenes. Overall, my observations saw incredibly dedicated men and women who truly want the best for their students. These people know their subjects well and want their students to be just as enthusiastic. What is not usually seen are the multiple problems that are often present in many classrooms.

There are students who are abused, bullied, starved and neglected – to name just a few issues. We have seen elementary school students become semi-primary carers for younger siblings, which is just exhausting. Unfortunately, many of these students often lag behind when it comes to measuring standardized performance. Parent/guardian support is essential. Yet when it is lacking, it often tends to go unaddressed. Ultimately, when students don’t do well on tests, a campus can be classified as “failing,” which then leads to the idea that it has bad teachers.

My professional background is accounting, so I have never been in the public eye and subject to such criticism. However, I simply cannot imagine my performance being measured by such incredibly variable criteria as a student population that changes every year. I’m not sure I can think of a non-educational example that could be comparable.

So I ask the community to be slower to judge what is happening in any school building and find ways to support teachers and their students in their classrooms. I’d like to think we all agree that we want students to succeed. The sad story is that more of them than we care to admit enter a school hurt and may never overcome this disadvantage – and the teacher, school and district are blamed for letting them down. .

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