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School districts across Alabama have recently been hit by food shortages, according to the Alabama State Department of Education. The Chambers County School District is no exception. Labor shortages and supply chain issues related to COVID-19 are preventing food delivery to schools on time.

Donna Pike, acting director of child nutrition for the Chambers County School District, said her current food shortages are the worst she has ever faced. She said that although a few food items were out throughout the year, things got worse due to a labor shortage in recent weeks.

“We’re doing well,” she said. “You never know from week to week what will be marked out. We did not receive any trucks the day before yesterday. [Merchants Foodservices] sent trucks to most schools last week. And we’ve heard that they’re going to send everything out this week.

Pike said schools in Chambers County have enough food in stock to be able to make up for shortages. Schools had no choice but to change their menus. Pike said they currently have enough produce, bread and milk.

“Other school systems are really struggling,” she said. “This is what I read and what I see on the news. We did not fall into this kind of difficult situation. “

Pike said schools in Chambers County have been successful in feeding students the same food groups as usual. As an example of how they had to make up for shortages, she said that for the school system’s breakfast program, schools had to serve more whole fruit because they didn’t have juice. fruits.

“They must have a cup of fruit,” she said. “And normally we send a 4 ounce juice, then a 4 ounce cup of fruit.”

Pike said it was harder to get meat than before due to shortages in meat processing.

She said school sites notify visitors that menus are subject to change.

“We have kept the schools up to date with what is going on, so that they all know in advance what is going on,” she said.

At a school board meeting last week, Superintendent Casey Chambley said the school system faces several types of shortages.

“We are now in a situation where we face not only teacher shortages and sub-shortages,” he said. “We face bus driver shortages, we face truck shortages, we face food shortages. As I normally do when we talk about COVID and these issues, one thing I would ask of our parents and our community – please offer our staff a little grace during these times. “

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