Blissfield Elementary School art teacher receives leadership award

BLISSFIELD — Derica Sisung, an art teacher at Blissfield Elementary School, has received an arts education leadership award from a provider of online student art portfolios and galleries.

Artsonia’s 2022 Art Education Leadership Award honors pioneers in the arts education community who inspire their peers and engage students, according to a press release.

Sisung and Artsonia’s peers selected her from thousands of instructors as one of 15 national recipients of this award.

“Honestly, I’m blown away,” Sisung said in a press release. “I don’t know how I earned this honour, but it encourages me. The past few years have been very heavy and hearing positive feedback gives me hope.

Sisung is in his eighth year as an art teacher. Prior to teaching elementary art, she ran a private children’s art studio. Sisung is forced to teach art to give students an emotional outlet.

“As a kid, I connected to art more than anything else,” Sisung said. “It was more than a means of communication; it was there that I found peace from all intense emotion. I tell my students that creating makes me feel like I’m floating.

Sisung is one of thousands of art teachers from over 100 countries around the world who use Artsonia to showcase their students’ art, crowdsource lesson plans and help raise funds for their classrooms. . Artsonia, the world’s largest online student art museum with over 90 million works of art, allows family and friends of student artists to create and purchase student art memorabilia, then donating 20% ​​of all proceeds to the local art class.

“Artsonia is an integral part of my teaching,” said Sisung. “From the first year, students use Artsonia to document, title and reflect on their artistic process. I find that students who struggle with writing enjoy the process as they reflect on their recent artistic experiences.

Artsonia’s 2022 Arts Education Leadership Award is a way to honor instructors who teach their students to create and value art, produce innovative lessons, and continually motivate their peers on Artsonia, according to the release. .

“Artsonia strives to provide a platform for art educators to inspire one another,” Jim Meyers, CEO and co-founder of the company, said in the statement. “We couldn’t thrive without the commitment and ingenuity of teachers like Derica who use their online gallery and lesson plans to motivate others. This Arts Education Leadership Award is a way for us to recognize the passionate and hardworking individuals who help our children cherish art and cultivate their creative side.

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