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AUBURN — The Auburn Enlarged City School District School Board has agreed to an agreement with the district’s group of trustees.

At a board meeting on Tuesday evening, the nine-member body authorized a resolution for an agreement between the district and the association of trustees regarding the creation and terms of employment of the 11-month assistant directors. .

According to the agreement, the district informed the association that it intends to make an 11-month assistant principal option starting in the 2022-23 school year, and “this agreement will terminate with the union contract. current and may at that time be renegotiated. “

The contract states that the parties “acknowledge that the title of principal assistant is exclusively represented by the Association”, specifies the agreement.

Another part of the terms is that any assistant manager assigned to an 11-month job will have their terms of employment governed by their collective agreement, “except as otherwise provided herein.”

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Both parties agree, the agreement continues, that no later than May 30 of each school year, each vice-principal of the association will notify the district in writing of his or her request to work for the following school year as a 11-month employee or 12-month employee. These requests must be approved by the building manager and the district office before June 15th.

The conditions set for 11-month assistant principals are that they will work from August 1 until the last working day of the teachers’ calendar in June and that they will work during school holidays, as is required of other directors of the association.

The agreement says the district won’t require vice principals “to work between the last working day of the teachers’ schedule and July 31,” but may choose to do so if they receive approval from their building superintendent. . The contract also adds that wages and all annual leave days – sick, staff and vacation – will be pro-rated.

The District and Association also agree that “the terms and conditions of this Agreement may not be relied upon by any party as evidence of past practice or practice in any grievance, arbitration, administrative proceeding, litigation or any question whatsoever”.

All Board members present approved the resolution with the exception of Dr. Eli Hernandez. Dr. Rhoda Overstreet-Wilson and Jim Van Arsdale arrived after the vote. After the meeting, Hernandez explained why he voted against it. Having previously served as the Delaware Elementary School principal in the Syracuse City School District, Hernandez said most of the work he does to prepare for the school year happens in the summer.

“We’ve worked so hard to find administrators and then (give) that option, that’s a concern for me,” he said.

• The district enters into an agreement with an administrative mentoring consultant.

The board approved an agreement between the district and Rebecca Kaune, which would provide “professional services focused on administrative mentoring during the 2022-2023 school year.” the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting indicates. The agreement between Kaune and the district stipulated that Auburn would agree to pay up to $13,000 to Kaune for the performance of its services, at $130 per director per month “for 10 months each for a maximum of 10 mentees”. One hour per director per month will be scheduled in advance, the contract indicates, and the schedule will be shared with the executive cabinet team.

Other terms and conditions of the agreement include that Kaune, as an independent contractor, will be responsible for paying federal and state income taxes applicable to the contract and she will not be eligible for Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, or any other Auburn District employees receive.

Auburn Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo said after the meeting that Kaune had been an administrative mentor consultant with the district for more than 10 years, and prior to her retirement she served as an administrator in the Central School District of Weedsport and Cayuga-Onondaga. BOCES.

“Her knowledge base, she was a fantastic administrator, and all of our administrators who go through her (mentoring) program are all so grateful because it’s such a valued program that she does with our staff that we want to continue to keep it as long as possible,” said Pirozzolo.

The resolution was unanimously approved by the Board members present.

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