Andhra Pradesh: A teacher grows medicinal plants in the school grounds

A teacher, with the support of colleagues and students, cultivated medicinal plants at Raghumanda Zilla Parishad high school in Denkada mandal in Vizianagaram district.

School assistant Chukka Yasoda, an avowed nature lover, believes that students should have a working knowledge of plants, which help humanity in many ways. Systematically, Ms. Yasoda has grown hanging plants, medicinal plants and a vegetable garden in the schoolyard in one year. Around 500 saplings, including medicinal plants such as Phyllanthus fraternus, Achyranthes aspera, Catharanthus roseus Karpura tulasi and Aegle marmelos, are grown on the school premises.

School principal K. Sowbhagya Lakshmi supported Ms. Yasoda and the students to improve the condition of the soil which is important for plant growth. The children actively participate in the preparation of Jeevamritam, an organic fertilizer made from cow dung, cow urine, jagery and powdered pulses.

“We make children aware of the importance of soil fertility because it is important for the growth of plants. That is why we are preparing Jeevamritam so that they know how to grow plants without using chemicals and fertilizers in the future,” Ms. Yasoda said. “With the support of children, we have developed Rasi Vanam, indicating the 12 zodiac signs, and Nakshtravanam after the names of 27 stars which are mentioned in these signs,” Ms Yasoda said, speaking to The Hindu.

Ms. Sowbhagya Lakshmi said making optimum use of the 2,500 square meter vacant space has enhanced the appearance of the campus. “We encourage young people to plant saplings in their homes and streets. It will be a good habit for them in the future and make them realize the importance of greenery in our daily life,” she said.

Children Girish, Delleswara Rao, Krishna, Rashmika and Keertana guided their juniors in gardening. Deputy Chief Minister and Tribal Welfare Minister Pamula Pushpa Srivani, who recently visited the school, hailed the initiative of teachers and students whose collective efforts have made the school stand out from the rest .

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