A marriage of convenience, or … hold your banker short

Do you know why bankers divorce so seldom? Because they know the penalty for breaking the contract earlier …

This joke suits the case of a gentleman who has set up an account at a major bank. He was tempted by a tablet added as a gift. When after a few months he decided to give up a rather expensive service (fees and commissions), he read the entire set of penalties in fine print for “early withdrawal from the contract”.

Difficult Divorce


Breaking with the bank is not always easy. Another client known to us from an important financial market institution found out about it, closing his personal account after 12 years of paying tribute in excess of USD 10 (during these 12 years he gave away nearly USD 1.5 thousand). During his first personal visit, he learned that he had to wait another 3 months for the notice period (which would read contracts 12 years ago) to expire.

So just in case he left dozens of dollars on the invoice (for fees and commissions) and waited calmly. This peace lost him – after three months he heard that the account could not be canceled because … it had a few dollars left! And he was most annoyed by the bank employee’s “projection on the tape” proposal … to abolish the fee for using the account being canceled!

When not hiding rage asked why not, he was offered the example. 7 years ago, he heard: – Because you did not ask about it.

A tailor-made account


Someone once said perversely that reasonably successful marriages are the most successful, not emotional relationships. Our relationship with the bank should be just so reasonable, or even calculated.

Transferring an account is not complicated. With a little effort, we will find an offer that will satisfy us (just look at our ranking of bank accounts). Opening a free account will also allow us to take advantage of other specially prepared proposals. Let’s agree – e.g. a 2-month deposit of 5% throughout the year is an opportunity that you would regret not using when looking for a free bill. Good Finance offers such an offer (here you can learn the details and send an application to set up an account).

3 reasons why it pays to transfer your account to a new bank

3 reasons why it pays to transfer your account to a new bank

Let us also remind everyone of at least three reasons why you should look for a new account in a new bank this year.

  1. First of all: even the most loyal customers increase banks and fees (we wrote about it recently describing the tactical relations of Poles with banks) trying to reflect losses resulting from forced reductions in interchange fees. As a result, it turns out that banks care better for new customers than for people who have had an account with them for years.
  2. Secondly: banks are introducing new, attractive mobile services for people who do not part with smartphones. Over 2 million people already use them!
  3. Finally, thirdly: smaller banks, fighting for customers, offer offers incomparably more attractive than the competition (e.g. the above-mentioned free personal account linked to a good-interest savings account or deposit).

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