76% of students ‘fail’ exams at Bhopal school | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: As many as 102 out of 134 students at Vindhyachal Academy in Bhopal failed either math or English in the CBSE Class 10 and 12 results, leaving them in shock and parents furious.
What makes the 76% failure rate odder is that some of these students got full marks in other subjects.
The school principal, A Cecilia, fears a ‘big gaffe’ at the assessment center and has written to the CBSE for corrective action. The semester 1 exam was based on the MCQ. According to the officials, 73 class 10 students took the exam and 61 of them (83.5%) were declared failing in math and English. In class 12, 41 of the 61 students failed in English.
After the report cards were published, parents gathered at the school gates on Wednesday and protested. “My daughter got full marks in all subjects except math and science, where she got single-digit marks. She was excellent. We are shocked,” former military Kanta Kumar Yadav said.
He alleged that the school administration was hiding a lot of things from the parents. “Why doesn’t the school come up with an appropriate response to the parents if it has made no mistake? The school should make things clear to the parents. The school career of the children is at stake,” Yadav said. . The parents urged the CBSE to intervene. “We went to the CBSE but they said they could only take it if the school approached them. We told the school to follow protocol. School authorities say they are in contact with the CBSE about this. We will not remain silent as there has been a major gaffe in the assessment,” said Prerna Badegaonkar, whose son is in Class 10.
The school principal, A Cecilia, said the school contacted CBSE to resolve the issue. “Why would any school want to have such results? I think a major blunder took place at the exam center. Our exam center was at Rajiv Gandhi School. They did the assessment. I tried to contact them but they weren’t ready to listen to us,” Cecilia said.
“The CBSE authorities have assured us that the problem will be solved soon. I ask the parents to trust us. We are doing our best to solve the problem,” she added.

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