2 Daphne High School Teachers Receive $2,000 Grant

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – Betsy Anderton, a teacher at Daphne High School, has noticed that the pandemic is straining both students and teachers. To fight against feelings of fatigue and stress, she found a way to put them at ease when they come to school.

Recently, the two teachers received $2,000 from Voya Financial, Inc.’s 2022 Unsung Heroes Awards Contest. Voya is a corporation that recognizes teachers who go above and beyond for not only their students, but also their staff and school district.

Anderton said the money was used for essential items like greenhouse tools, gardening tools and plant pots. She and fellow teacher, Priscilla Dabney, came up with a solution called biophilic design.

“Biophilic design has to do with integrating nature and our innate tendency to learn better, to feel better,” Anderton said.

Anderton and his students have created gardens full of plants, which will soon be displayed throughout the school.

We realized we had this unique opportunity to grow houseplants and put a plant in every classroom of teachers and staff, so wherever students go there is nature, in every room” , Anderton said.

During lessons, students work outside in the garden or greenhouse. Anderton said it helps students clear their minds and relieve stress.

“Oh I’m so excited, it was great decorating the classroom, it’s a brand new building, so it was wonderful to start from scratch with this biophilic design concept and bring all those natural elements to inside was really fun,” Anderton said.

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