15-year-old student alleges sexual assault by classmates in high school closet :: WRAL.com

The father of a Southwest Edgecombe High School student said his daughter did not feel safe going back to school after what she described as sexual assault by other teenagers.

“My daughter is traumatized,” he said. “She doesn’t want to go to any public school.”

The man said his daughter told him she was walking the hallways when a group of students told him the principal wanted to see her.

“They followed her into the auditorium, pushed her into a janitor’s closet or some sort of closet, two of them did, and forcibly pulled her pants off and took her off. assaulted in her genitals, “said the girl’s father.

He said he took his daughter to the police for a rape kit, which found evidence of assault.

The man thinks the school is not doing enough to help protect the students.

“They make victims feel like they are the culprits. And that’s not fair. They already have enough trauma to live on,” he said. “The school sat there and told me that no incidents of sexual assault have been reported this year.”

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating several allegations of sexual assault involving students at Southwest Edgecombe High School, and at least one teenager has been arrested. Investigators were on the school campus Monday.

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